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Business Development

  • Web Development
  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Software Application Development
  • Flex and Flash Development

B2B Sales Training and Management

  • Help build a company wide sales process
  • CRM System development
  • Lead Generation
  • Training on making cold calls
  • Develop and manage the B2B sales process
  • Training on lead progression
  • Taking a business from prospect till closed & “Now Client” stage

Sales Management Training & Support

  • Building a Reporting portal
  • Generating Daily Reports
  • Generating Weekly Reports
  • Generating Monthly Reports
  • Generating Yearly Reports
  • Weekly/Monthly Trainings
  • Weekly Webinars around managing sales
  • Weekly webinars around managing a sales team

Sales Training and Guides

  • Retail Sales training & curriculum
  • Over the phone sales training & curriculum
  • Door to Door training & curriculum

Our clients take on our Wireless Expense Management services

Our representative, Chris Anders, has gone above and beyond the usual expected services. He is both intuitive and available, which makes him a great value for our company.

~ A Major Government Contractor


This group really is an expert in managing cell phone accounts. They were able to offer services that save our organization time and gave our accounting team less headache to analyze our cell phone bill.

~ Accounting Head, Al Jazeera USA

Our clients take on our Business Development services

Company and people are truly remarkable. They redesigned our website and created our social media presence.

~ President & CEO, A Money Matter Mortgage Inc.

About US

Think Iconic, Inovate your world!

We’re here to help you think big when it comes to your business. With an Iconic team available, our goals lines up with yours in key business development solutions. Iconic Management Solutions team is here to support your team, demonstrate leadership in business development while coaching your leaders, and provide solutions that help you grow your business efficiently. With a background in a wide range of industries from non-profit organizations, government support, IT support, accounting and sales, our team brings together an all inclusive business development solution for all of your needs. Our goal is to take on areas that pain you, so you can concentrate on growing your bottom line.

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